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Opera 10a messes up Vista associations – the solution

Being an Opera lover (though not a blind enthusiast) I was happy to read about the alpha release of Opera 10.

During the installation I’ve unchecked the option to set Opera 10a as the default browser, since Opera 9.63 is already installed on my notebook. That’s exactly where something went wrong: Opera 10a was set as the default browser. As I was only about to test the latest alpha, it was really annoying here, I wanted 9.63 back!

To make the situation even worse:

  • the Vista association dialogs (screens) do not differentiate between versions of a single software! I was truly disappointed here. As the registry had 5+ entries with Opera 10 in the path, I’ve decided to look for some official solution.
  • tried to find an Opera setting. No luck, Opera doesn’t have a built-in “restore association” option

After trying every possible combination of the offical tools, here’s the solution: after making a backup of your profile, you have to uninstall Opera 10a, uninstall Opera 9.63, and reinstall Opera 9.63.

Though it’s not really a kind of bug John Resig meant in his post, a bug report has been filed for Opera. I guess early adopters on Vista should say goodbye to O10a yet, if they need a stable browser installed too.

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