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A desktop application with Adobe AIR for scanning documents on Mac OS X

Even though we’re specialized in web development, we like new challenges.
One of our client asked if we could build a desktop application for sales agents. Agents need to scan images, also add several information using a form and submit the data when Internet connection is available. Even though it sounds easy, it can be a [...]

HipHop for PHP – the buzz summary you should really read

HipHop for PHP from Facebook hit the streets several days ago resulting in dozens of posts about the technology. Let’s see what the PHP community says:

Marco Tabini enlists the HipHop features and encourages using it
the echolibre blog talks about possible security/buffer overflow implications, and mentions similar available solutions
Ilia Alshanetsky provides an excellent and thorough overview: [...]

Google Closure: How not to write JavaScript

Dmitry Baranovskiy, the creator of the Raphaël and gRaphaël JavaScript libraries has serious criticism against the Google Closure JS library.
According to Dmitry:

“It’s a JavaScript library written by Java developers who clearly don’t get JavaScript.”
poorly optimized loops and unoptimized switch statements
memory caching with unlimited size: “I’m not sure what this pattern is called in Java, but [...]

Active Desktop replacement with Adobe AIR

Interested in simulating XP’s Active Desktop without Active Desktop? We’ve had taken the challenge!
One of our clients wanted a central web application running on the desktop which provides nearly realtime business information for more than a hundred users in a company. After some discussion with the company’s IT staff we’ve chosen Active Desktop as all [...]

Google releases Closure, the tools behind the JS geniuses

Google released Closure, the library and toolset that powers Docs and other Google products.
Closure includes:

Closure Compiler – removes dead code and rewrites and minimizes what’s left, checks syntax, variable references and types, and warns about common JavaScript pitfalls.
Closure Library – a JS library with widgets, controls, lower-level utilities for DOM manipulation, server communication, animation, data [...]

Cufón – a cool alternative to sIFR

On one of our sites, we’ve implemented the sIFR technology to introduce an easily translateable interface with True Type Fonts other than the browser-safe ones.
Honestly, sIFR is a hard-to-tame kind of beast. Only sIFR 3 nightly builds gave the so-so compatibility we’ve needed on this site, and even these builds did produce strange bugs. [...]