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Opera and iGoogle: do you want your Tab key back?

In case you’re using Google Search with your Google account logged in you may have already seen the iGoogle features like Promote, Remove or Comment.
They may be cool in some cases, however, these icons break the keyboard navigation on a Google result page: they just steal your Tab key, which is the fastest way of [...]

Are there problems with floating point in JavaScript?

JavaScript is a mature language (holding mature issues), though tomorrow I’ve ran into something that’s out of this world:
<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.write( 0.1 + 0.2 );
document.write( ‘<br />’ );
document.write( 0.1 + 0.2 === 0.3 );
Guess what?
Well, not exactly the result I’ve expected.
However, the issue is absolutely not unknown neither new: many languages (including C) have similar issues [...]

Cufón – a cool alternative to sIFR

On one of our sites, we’ve implemented the sIFR technology to introduce an easily translateable interface with True Type Fonts other than the browser-safe ones.
Honestly, sIFR is a hard-to-tame kind of beast. Only sIFR 3 nightly builds gave the so-so compatibility we’ve needed on this site, and even these builds did produce strange bugs. [...]

Smarty support in NetBeans || die()?

It seems that Sun is serious about providing PHP support in the NetBeans, a 10-years-old Java IDE.
However, besides many of the cool features already included there’s a showstopping shortage for many PHP devheads: NetBeans does not support the all-time favourite Smarty template library, which provides the foundations for zillions of web sites out in the [...]